Efficient Office Storage Solutions

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Efficient Office Storage Solutions

Add functionality and convenience to your office with our efficient office storage solutions. When the office needs to store a wide range of items, which type of storage unit do you choose? A bookshelf, for example, may have the perfect height shelving for your lever arch files, but may not offer the bulk storage volume you need, and is impractical for storing stationery or equipment. Filing cabinets are great for storing files, but not much else. To find the best combination of storage solutions for your office needs, take a look at our versatile and cost-effective storage offerings.

Bulk office storage

Bulk storage is a great way to organise files and folders. Our bulk storage solutions feature large storage drawers like the Quickfile storage systems, or the innovative Essential and Zippel mass storage ranges. When it comes to large databases of files that need to be stored, such as project archives, client information or other extensive catalogues, bulk storage can offer the space to keep all these files neatly and conveniently stored in one unit. The Essential and Zippel storage ranges increase storage space per volume through their sliding rack systems. The Zippel Linea eliminates the need for space-wasting aisles of storage shelves or racks. It offers a minimum of 3 filing bays that run on a steel track built into an integrated floor section. This allows the bays to shift as you need to access different sections, creating up to 80 percent more storage capacity than regular rack systems. Any existing filing system can also fit into a Zippel storage unit.

Wall unit storage

For those items that need to be stored near your desk, a wall unit offers easy accessibility coupled with an attractive style. Our wide range of wall units are available in a variety of finishes to suit any office interior. Keep the files you’re currently working on neatly stored in a wall unit, either in a closed-style cabinet piece or an open shelf addition. Our wall units offer a variety of structures and styles. Why not use the open shelving space to display an attractive vase or photograph while your confidential work files are stored behind a sliding cabinet door in the lower section of the wall unit? These designs are well-suited for versatility and multi-functional storage.

Modular storage

Modular storage is the ultimate space-saving solution. Modular shelves, cabinets and other storage compartments can be stacked and arranged in such a wide range of structures that they are guaranteed to fit into any space. The Contract range of modular storage units consists of modular cupboards and cabinets, modular filing cabinets, and modular bookshelves. Their shelved cabinets offer either sliding or hinged doors, and their bookshelves comes in tiers of 2 to 5 shelves for a wide range of stackable options. All items in the Contract range are unbeatable value for money. The Meridian modular storage range also has an impressive selection of file modules. Meridian units have a unique stackable functionality, allowing them to be stacked to any height and moved or positioned easily without extensive configuration. We also offer modular storage solutions including the Simplicity, Elegance, and Evolve ranges. This selection of modular units and accessories complement all styles of office furniture and interiors, providing enhanced appearance and efficiency to any workplace.

Server units

Storage in the office needs to cover more than just files and folders. Server units are ideal for storing other items such as a tea station, stationery, sound equipment and more. Server units usually combine a flat surface area with cabinets, drawers and open shelf space for versatile storage of a wide variety of items. The Heritage server unit is modern and practical, its elegant veneer making it perfect for the classic executive office space. For a more compact unit, the Evolve server unit boasts space-saving shelving with frosted sliding doors, ideal for the boardroom or meeting areas.

Steel filing cabinets, lockers, and shelving

Office storage often needs to be heavy-duty to support the weight and volume of extensive file archives. Steel storage units offer advanced strength and durability for larger storage needs. Many steel storage units, such as stationery cabinets and shelving units, include height-adjustable shelves to cater for various sizes of files, folders and other items. Steel factory lockers are also great for staffrooms and canteens, as they are secure and hygienic. Choose from single, double or four-door units.

Find the perfect combination of storage units for all your storage requirements and speak to our friendly consultants at All Office. From everyday items to archived documents, there is a storage unit for any purpose.

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