Desk Accessories: Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs

Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs

Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs: 

Whether you prefer working at a neatly organised and minimalist desk or amidst a creative clutter, there are some items every office desk can benefit from. Besides the basics of a laptop or computer and pen and paper, here are our top picks for useful and enjoyable desk accessories.

Monitor stand

Most office workers don’t realise that their computer monitors or laptop screens are at the wrong height. The top of the screen should be at or slightly below eye level so that your eyes are looking slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen. Laptops especially need to be elevated to meet this height. A good monitor stand can position your computer monitor or laptop screen at the ideal height to avoid straining your eyes or creating bad posture. Monitor stands also allow space underneath to store keyboards or other desk items.

Wire organiser

Every desk nowadays has at least one digital or electronic device gracing it, if not many more. Most devices have inconvenient cables that clutter up the desk and tangle at the slightest touch. A wire organiser is essential for managing these errant cables. There are several options in wire management to choose from. Wire tubes can bunch all your cables together into one long cord to neatly tuck behind or under your desk. Cable clips can attach to desk edges or walls to affix each cable end to an easily reachable place.

Cell phone charger

With your wire management system in place, keeping your phone charging at your desk has never been easier. Whether you plug your cell phone charger into your laptop or computer, directly into the wall or from a battery pack, your cell phone can easily charge without getting your cables tangled up or in your way, all while remaining within sight and reach for easy use.

Cordless phone

Most offices still rely on landline telephones for business communication, but these phones can be a nuisance. They either take up valuable desk space or need to be positioned across the office at the nearest telephone socket in the wall. Cordless phones solve both these problems, as they are easily portable and compact in size.

Silent mouse

Touchpads can be useful, but most office workers prefer the mobility of a mouse. A wireless mouse is one way to reduce cable clutter, but there is another type of mouse with a special feature ideal for busy office environments. A recent innovation has led to the silent mouse, a mouse that doesn’t make a sound when it clicks. The annoying cricket-like sound of dozens of computer mice clicking away in a busy office need not be a nuisance anymore.

Wireless portable scanner

This nifty handheld device allows you to quickly and easily scan a document. Its small size makes it ideal to keep on hand at your desk, allowing you to easily whip it out whenever you see a page in a book, magazine or printed document and want to record it. Most models offer clear images with high resolution and Wi-Fi capabilities for convenient, wireless storage to your computer or device.

Stationery station

Even the most minimalist or digital-minded worker occasionally has need of proper stationery. And if you’re the more creative type, it’s likely that you have a whole drawer dedicated to a variety of pens, pencils, paperclips and other ‘miscellaneous’ bits of stationery. Finding the right nibbed pen in a pinch can be a nuisance, which is why a stationery holder is such a great asset to a desk. It takes up a small amount of space and keeps all your stationery in one neatly organised set. For those of the minimal-desk persuasion, smaller stationery holders even fit in drawers out of sight.

Stapleless stapler

The innovative stapleless stapler uses pressure and folding mechanisms to bind sheets of paper together. Staples are one of the hidden nuisances of the office. They get lost easily, stray staples can get caught in clothes, carpets and fingers, they can scratch or break copiers, scanners and paper shredders, and even removing them can be a pain (literally). Opt for a staple-free office with the stapleless staple for your safety and sanity.

Pot plant

Indoor plants can increase mood and productivity while also refreshing the air. Opt for a small cactus or succulent for a no-fuss, minimal effort desk plant that looks attractive and won’t die easily.

Desk lamp

Proper lighting at your work desk is essential. Invest in a desk lamp and quality light bulbs that adds visibility as well as attractive appeal to your desk.

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Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs

Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs

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