Building your Dream Home Office: Integrating with Home Decor & Other Key Considerations

Home Office Furniture

Building your Dream Home Office: Integrating with Home Decor & Other Key Considerations

Are you in the process of creating a new workspace at home or looking to refurbish your existing home office? If so, you may be wondering where to start. With so many choices of office furniture available today, the options are truly endless and at times it may even feel a little overwhelming but fear not – we’ve put together some useful tips to help you create your ‘dream office’ at home.

Home Office Furniture

Before we get started, have you checked out these handy resources from our blog, which can assist you in setting up your home office and working from home as efficiently as possible?

Defining your home decor

The first thing to do when creating a home workstation from scratch or upgrading an existing home office is to identify the current decorative style of your living space so that you can choose office furniture and accessories that will fit right in. While some of us know exactly what style our home decor is aligned to, this may not be the case for everyone.

Below you will find a comprehensive overview of some of the most popular decorative styles that exist today. When piecing together the items and furniture of your office, try to seek out options which boast the right aesthetic appeal for your existing space without compromising on comfort and ergonomics. After all, you want your office to feel as good as it looks.

Home Decor

Popular decorative styles


Think clean and crisp lines and simple colour palettes. Materials like metal, glass and steel are often included in modern home decor. This decorative style favours simplicity and minimal clutter.

Heritage Office Desk

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect modern desk, look no further than the Heritage office desk with its sleek, modern lines in veneer and melamine. We also stock a wide variety of office chairs to integrate into modern home offices, such as the Napoli Executive Office Chair with its sleek, ergonomically-shaped backrest and aluminum frame.

Napoli Office Chair


While this decorative style is often confused with modern aesthetics, the main differentiating factor is that contemporary is all about the here and now. Contemporary styles are quite fluid and speak to what is currently on-trend, even if this falls out of line with traditional modern design.


Looking to add a burst of colour to a contemporary home office space? These vibrant ottomans come in a variety of shapes and colours and are a fun and functional seating solution to introduce to your contemporary workspace!

Home Desk | Home Office | Home Office Desk

When it comes to the perfect contemporary office desk, we believe that simple and stylish is key! We stock a variety of home office desks that will complement any contemporary workspace, like our Studio Home Desk which is as trendy as it is functional.


Minimalism takes bits and pieces from modern design and simplifies these elements even further. Colour palettes are typically neutral and uplifting; furniture is streamlined and not excessively flamboyant; lines are super clean and simple.

Synergy Soft Seating Corner Set

We love this functional Synergy corner set which will be a perfect addition to any minimalist home office as it works in both small and large areas. And for storage space, why not add one or two simplistic steel shelving units to the mix?

Metal Shelving


This decorative style sources inspiration from warehouses and urban spaces – there is a sense of intentional rawness which is often portrayed by exposed brickwork and wood. A variety of textures, high ceilings, hanging metal fixtures, neutral colour schemes and functional furniture are a few examples of quintessentially industrial design.


Extremely popular today, Scandinavian home decor is artistic but understated. Interesting lines, all-white colour palettes, spaciousness, natural lighting, functional furniture and the inclusion of natural elements such as wood and steel are some popular traits of this decorative style.


The Bohemian aesthetic is a popular style applied in home decor and design as well as fashion. It is more care-free and eclectic than the aforementioned styles – and oftentimes more colourful – typically featuring vintage furniture, globally-sourced textiles, quirky accessories and bursts of colour.

Add variety and colour to liven up your work space with exciting finishings and fabric combinations that flawlessly express your style and personality.

Fabric Colours


This decorative style draws inspiration from raw elements like wood and stone. It often includes accessories sourced from the outdoors and is intended to exude a feeling of warmth with signature rustic details like vaulted ceilings that show off wooden beams or reclaimed wooden furniture and finishings.

Legacy Office Desk

If you’re a fan of wooden furnishings, check out our Legacy office suite which is guaranteed to bring a distinctive sense of elegance and warmth to your home office.

Choosing the right home office furniture – key considerations to keep in mind


Did you know that the conscious use of shapes can help to set the right mood in your work environment as different shapes represent and promote different ideas and feelings?

Here are some of the most popular connotations connected to different geometric and organic shapes and how they can impact the interior design of your home office, whether you’re choosing the right wallpaper or motifs to include, picking out desk accessories or selecting the desk-shape that best aligns with your personal preferences and objectives.


Geometric shapes are regular and precise and are often found in man-made things. Geometric shapes with straight lines and angles typically symbolise structure and order, while shapes with curves are softer and are usually associated with connection and community.

  • Squares are associated with order and stability.
  • Circles are known to present harmony, completion and wholeness.
  • Pentagons, hexagons and octagons offer a sense of uniqueness and distinction.
  • Triangles that face upwards represent direction and power.
  • Stars can be associated with prestige and success.

Which desk-shape is right for you?

If you’re in the market for a new office desk, considering the shape of your ideal desk is a good place to start in terms of narrowing down the many options available today.

Desk Shapes

Looking for an ergonomic desk with fluid, flowing lines to amp up creativity? Our Waves office desk is designed with simplicity in mind and features a comfortable curved worktop.

Waves Office Desks

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As these shapes most often occur in nature, they tend to be more comforting and approachable and are said to represent spontaneity.

  • Spirals can be found when looking at shells, snails or even water – they represent transformation and journeys.
  • Leaves are associated with growth, hope, renewal and revival.
  • Flowers also symbolise hope as well as tranquility and femininity.
  • Clouds are connected to knowledge, imagination and creativity.
  • Fire represents passion, energy and strength.


When deciding on new home office furniture, colour is an important factor to consider. Not only do you want the colour of your office furniture to complement the overall interior decor and design of your home – ideally, you should also consider the different moods and feelings that are connected to each colour as colours have been proven to affect human psychology.

Colour influences not only our moods but our energy levels, too. So, what does each colour represent and how does this impact the design of your home office?

  • White is associated with purity, crispness and clarity.
  • Black emits a sense of control, luxury and elegance.
  • Purple represents royalty, luxury and ambitions – it is also associated with mindfulness, imagination and a sense of ‘higher good’.
  • Green is known to symbolise balance, growth and harmony.
  • Blue is associated with communication, depth, stability, relaxation and self-expression.
  • Red evokes passion, excitement and high energy.
  • Yellow stimulates positivity and happiness and is said to represent self-identity.
  • Orange is ideal for mental stimulation, encouragement and success.

Soft Seating, Carpet, Ottoman and Coffee Tables

Check out our range of soft seating office chairs which come in a variety of colours and styles to redefine any workspace. Or, add a burst of colour to accent your existing office decor with the Cassie Ergonomic Chair which features an upholstered seat that comes in an array of colours.

Cassie Ergonomic Office Chair

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Speaking of office chairs… We believe that the perfect home office is not complete without an ergonomic office chair to boost productivity and help reduce back pain with adequate lumbar support.

Are you ready to design the home office space of your dreams?

Now that we’ve taken you through the ins and outs of how to choose the right home office furniture, you’re well on your way to ensuring that your home work environment has everything you need to function at your best, keep performance levels high and put a smile on your face!

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