#BeWell: Ten Terrific Health Benefits of Infrared Lamps

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#BeWell: Ten Terrific Health Benefits of Infrared Lamps

In the digital age of today, there are an endless number of gadgets and devices that have been created to aid a variety of health problems using modern technology. One such example are infrared lamps.

Did you know that the heat you feel when exposed to the sun’s rays is infrared light? Our skin also naturally radiates infrared heat. In this blog post, we will discuss how infrared light therapy (also known as Photobiomodulation) works, plus ten of the many transformative health benefits that infrared lamps have to offer.

What do infrared lamps do and how do they work?

Using infrared LEDs, these electrical devices are able to emit infrared radiation. The warming light which occurs within the infrared spectrum (seen by the human eye as the colour red) helps the body to regenerate and promotes relaxation.

Studies on the effects lights have on the body have amplified over the last decade and it is helpful to understand the role that bioactive light plays in all aspects of health and wellness. These are the five types of bioactive light which can influence positive change in our bodies:

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  • Blue lights help to set and regulate our internal clocks
  • UV light enables the body to synthesise vitamin D for sunlight
  • Far infrared light heats up the body and assists with circulation
  • Red and near infrared light (such as that which is emitted from a Beurer infrared lamp) stimulates cellular energy production

Our bodies need ample amounts of these types of light in order to achieve optimal health, but due to the fact that modern humans typically spend a large amount of our time indoors and in front of computer screens, many of us are deficient in various forms of bioactive light – this can negatively impact our overall wellbeing.

With this in mind, infrared light has been proven to have powerful effects on cellular health. Infrared lamps help to target cells in your body and assists them with absorbing more energy. The lamps can be aimed at a specific area of the body for a certain period of time to relieve colds and tension, and improve blood circulation. This process is regarded as a form of light therapy and involves very low heat levels and does not burn or harm the skin.

Keep reading to discover more ways in which infrared lamps can help to uplift your physical wellbeing.

1) Chronic pain management

Many patients with acute or chronic pain are experimenting with using infrared light therapy to assist with chronic pain management. This therapy involves using wavelengths of light on certain areas of the body that have injuries. While ultraviolet light can have damaging effects upon the tissues and cells of your body, infrared light by contrast can help cells regenerate or repair themselves. Because the infrared light helps to circulate oxygen-rich blood, it can help promote faster healing of deep tissue and can also aid pain relief.

One of the most advantageous effects of infrared light therapy is that it can penetrate below layers of skin to provide more effective pain relief. The process is invasive without being painful and will not damage your skin.

2) Anti-inflammatory

For the same reasons listed above, the warm and soothing effects of infrared lighting can help to promote healing, relieve inflammation and protect the body from oxidative stress which is why an increasing number of people are turning to this form of light therapy.

3) Relief from muscle tension

Infrared therapy increases the action of mitochondria (an organelle that is found in large numbers in most cells) within the body’s cells thereby activating the growth and repair of new muscle cells and tissues, which is why infrared lighting can advance the recovery process after a muscle injury.

4) Detoxing

Detoxing involves removing harmful toxins from the body which can help to strengthen the immune system, improve food digestion, aid weight loss, boost liver function and leave you feeling more rejuvenated and energised. While an infrared lamp may not be able to provide this level of detoxification, it is worthwhile to note that infrared therapy can also be applied

through saunas.

During this process, the body’s core temperature increases which results in a deep sweat facilitating powerful detoxification at a cellular level. In fact, pop sensational Lady Gaga has shared that she uses an infrared sauna to deal with her chronic back pain and describes it as an effective detox and weight loss aid.

5) Super skin solution

Research suggests that infrared light therapy can help to sooth your skin and decrease wrinkles as the light stimulates collagen and elastin production. Infrared light therapy is therefore regarded as a safe and effective method to promote anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Plus, it can also heal or diminish acne scars, burns and signs of UV sun damage. Reversing UV damage requires repairing cellular and DNA damage which, thankfully, can be achieved through infrared light therapy.

In addition, many doctors are starting to recommend infrared light therapy to help manage psoriasis, which is a skin condition and autoimmune disease that results in the rapid changing of skin cells. While the process isn’t visible to the human eye, the end result often leads to painful areas of skin. Unfortunately, there is no known cure as of yet however light therapy has been said to ease the symptoms of psoriasis, provide pain relief and reduce skin sores.

6) Wound healing

Near-infrared light is extremely conducive to healing wounds; this is achieved in a number of ways:

  • Dead and damaged cells in the skin are cleaned up
  • ATP in skin cells is increased, giving cells more energy to repair themselves as mentioned above
  • The production of fibroblasts is increased
  • Blood flow is increased which supplies the wound with additional oxygen and nutrients to speed up the repair process
  • The health of the extracellular matrix is stimulated
  • Formation of new connective tissue and blood capillaries on the surface of the wound are stimulated

7) Cardiovascular health

Ongoing trials are exploring the ways in which infrared light therapy benefits cardiovascular health. So far, some promising results have been noted as infrared light is being used to promote the creation of nitric oxide which is essential for healthy blood vessels.

Nitric oxide lessens the risk of blood clots and helps to regulate blood pressure while reducing oxidative stress.

8) Better cognitive performance

Researchers have discovered that infrared light therapy benefits the brain and supports cognitive performance in young, healthy adults – improving attention spans as well as short-term memory.

In addition, it was found to improve brain memory among older adults with significant memory impairments, which has made scientists hopeful about the possibilities of near-infrared light potentially providing future treatments and preventative measures against Alzheimer’s disease.

9) Low risk

Infrared therapy is regarded as a safe, effective, pain-free and drug-free way to reduce pain and treat a number of conditions from joint and muscle pain to inflammation, spine injuries and sports injuries.

While this form of light therapy will be well-suited for the majority of individuals, if you are pregnant or have a heart disease, we do not advise the use of infrared therapy. Similarly, if you have an underlying health condition, we recommend speaking to your medical practitioner to find out if this option is viable for you.

10) Access and affordability

Up until quite recently, infrared therapy was limited to the confines of laboratories and doctors’ offices which unfortunately limited accessibility for many. The good news is that with the rise of modern technology being adapted for at-home use, more people are able to benefit from this form of light therapy – thanks to devices like Beurer’s Infrared Lamp.

Having your own personal infrared lamp offers more convenience for individuals who can’t or don’t wish to travel and is also more cost effective. Because these devices are designed for safe use without the assistance of a medical professional, you can simply plug it in at home and apply infrared light to the affected area of your body.

Looking to purchase an infrared device? Beurer has you covered

Beurer South Africa, specialists in health and wellbeing since 1919. The brand’s German-engineered range of professional, state-of-the-art equipment is designed to aid health – in terms of both prevention and diagnosis – while ensuring ease of use.

Purchase an infrared lamp from Beurer today to start enjoying the many health benefits.

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*Please note: This information is not intended as a substitute for medical help or advice but simply to provide education and insight on the benefits of infrared lamps for common health problems. Always consult a medical professional when seeking medical advice.

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