5 Benefits of Buying a Good Office Chair Online

5 Benefits of Buying a Good Office Chair Online

What to Look For in An Office Chair Online

Whether it’s for the executive office or the typist in the corner cubicle, a good office chair is essential. A good office chair should be comfortable as well as attractive. A prudent solution to choosing a good office chair online is to invest in a quality chair that will allow office workers to perform their work in comfort, and in style. Studies have shown that comfortable employees are more productive in the office. This can lead to a higher work ethic, and all because of a good office chair.

Comfortable seating in the workplace is tricky to get right. While plush upholstered seating is great for the waiting room and receiving customers, an employee using similar seating can become too relaxed and lose energy and concentration. Hard and rigid seating has the same effect for the opposite reason; if the worker is too uncomfortable they will be constantly distracted by it and unable to focus on their work. The secret behind achieving the ideal balance with comfort is in the level of support that a chair can offer.

Five features to look for in a good office chair online

If you are looking for office chairs that promote physical health and enable your employees to perform their tasks in the best environment, here are some features that should stand out.

1 – Excellent back support

Modern office chairs are designed to provide support to the lower, upper and middle back so that both the spinal column and the back muscles are not strained. The shape, structure, and material of the chair all work towards more thorough support.

2 – Arm support

The addition of armrests can further support the back as well as the arms. Without arm support, an office worker risks health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and circulatory problems, not to mention fatigue in the arms and torso. Choose our Cassie for simple elegance and arm support or the Accent for a more stately supportive seating solution.

3 – Cushioning and upholstery

Cushioned seats are not just for comfort; it can play a vital role in aiding circulation and back and arm support as well. Supportive upholstery in the back and armrests is a good feature to look for in an office chair, but a cushioned seat is essential. The Verona office chair is a seating solution that offers the ultimate padded comfort and support in both the seat and back.

4 – Versatility

No single office chair is ideal for every person in the office. Everybody has different physical builds and different needs and preferences. To avoid hand-picking a chair for each and every staff member, look for an office chair that can be adjusted to suit a variety of needs. Adjustable features could include the seat height, backrest height, and angle, or armrest height and angle. For a technologically advanced seating option that is designed to suit all shapes and sizes and moulds to the sitter’s body and movements, this is an excellent option.

5 – Freedom of movement

In modern offices, it is often necessary for workers to be able to reach multiple points and devices at their work station. Being able to swivel whilst remaining seated reduces injuries and discomfort and allows the sitter to perform their tasks more efficiently. Likewise, a wheeled office chair allows the sitter to move around more freely within their work station without interrupting their workflow or productivity. All of our typist, managerial and executive office chairs are available with both swivel and wheel functionality to assist in better mobility at the work desk.

Find the chair that offers the best fit for your business

Finding the right office seating solutions can be tough, so it is important to have a look at our entire range of office chairs to find the chair that offers the best comfort and “fit” before making a decision. As well as all the important health features of office chairs, there is also the appearance to consider – who said office chairs have to be plain black or grey only? At All Office, we stock such a wide range of office chairs for all needs and environments, in a variety of colours, shapes, styles, and features, so speak to a friendly consultant today.

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