5 Affordable Accessories That Are Essential for Your Home Office

5 Affordable Accessories

There is no better feeling than being able to customize and kit out your brand-new office setup. Sometimes you get to start with a fresh space which is completely untouched. Other times it’s simply a matter of decluttering and figuring out what works best for your space, either way there are so many possibilities when it comes to office accessories. But what is beneficial and what is redundant for your home office? These are our top 5 must have affordable accessories that every home office needs.

All Office has got you covered – Here are our essentials:

1. Floor Protectors:

The benefits of a floor protector might not be obvious to most people, but for us here at All Office, this is a must have essential! Our floor protectors are made from a super durable plastic and placed directly underneath your office chair. The three main benefits that we find are provided from these floor protectors are:
1.Protecting your carpets or hardwood floors from getting damaged.
2.Providing a surface which allows maximum maneuverability.
3.Aiding in ergonomic support by providing a stable and flat surface for your certified ergonomic chair.

All of these benefits for an insanely affordable price, now that’s the perfect combination of value for money and useable functionality.

Non Slip Carpet Protector for Wooden Floors and Tiles

2. Laptop Stand – Levit8:

This Levit8 laptop stand is another awesome accessory we have been able to get our hands on. This smart piece of equipment gives you the ability to turn your normal office setup into a sit-to-stand setup without having to buy an electric height adjustable desk or traditional sit-to-stand converter!
There are no additional parts or assembly required as it uses a very intuitive design. Simply twist and fold the Levit8 and it will magically flatten itself into a discrete and compact object which can easily fit into your laptop bag or office drawer. It is also conveniently crafted from a very durable material that is water repellent and stain proof! It even has the strength to carry a larger and heavier laptop than usual. The perks speak for themselves, making this a very enticing accessory to own.
If you have read any of our blogs detailing the importance of intermittent standing during your work hours, you will be aware of the whole list of benefits from using a sit-to-stand office setup. This accessory enables you to start that healthier journey for a fraction of the cost.


3. Monitor Arms:

We cannot deny the increasingly popularity of working with multiple monitors. For some people one monitor might be fine, but once you have experienced the practicality and workflow of working with 2 screens or more, its almost impossible to go back. With the demand rising for these useful pieces of office equipment, there is a whole array of different brands trying to produce the best of the best monitor arm there are endless models to choose from.

Our host of monitor arms offer multi directional computer monitor arm that can support single or multiple monitors. The advantage of these arms is that you can set them up on pretty much any side of your desk and then maneuver your arms to the desired position. Multi-purpose functionality and versatility is extremely valuable in today’s current workspace environment and these monitor arms give you complete freedom to set up your desk exactly the way you prefer.

5 Affordable Accessories
Agillis Dual Monitor Arm

4. Desk Lighting:

What would your home office be without some desk lighting? We all know that being at your home office setup doesn’t just pertain to your “traditional” day-time work hours. With a forever evolving professional workspace and many people working from home these days, work hours can vary to late at night or early in the morning. In either case proper lighting is essential, but lighting doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many traditional over head lights in your home or big standing lamps draw way more power than a smaller and more efficient desk side lamp. After months & even years of use, the difference between the electricity usage will compound to great effect. We live in a world where we need to be more aware of the amount of power we are using and the carbon footprint that we are leaving behind. Every little bit helps and simply using a smaller light with a more efficient bulb can make a difference.

Besides the most obvious benefit of saving electricity and using less power. LED Desk lamps give you the ability to use it almost everywhere in your home, at your desk or next to your bed. Its lightweight, compact, and often easily adjustable making it useful in multiple situations.

5 Affordable Accessories
LED Desk Lamp and Eurolux Carlton Lamp

5. Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Last on our list but certainly not the least important! The Ergowork Anti Fatigue mat is a blessing for your feet. Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to reduce tiredness and pain in your feet for when you are either standing or sitting at your desk.
However Anti-Fatigue mats are not going to magically eliminate sore feet by itself, but we find pairing this with your Certified Ergonomic Electric Desk and Ergonomic Chair is the ultimate way to fight against muscle pain in your feet, legs and back. Standing while you work means your muscles are being activated and used a lot more than compared to when you are sitting, your body will respond positively with every decision you make to give it that little extra bit of healthy support. The considerations you have today for your bodies well being will have a tremendous impact for you in the future!

5 Affordable Accessories
Ergowork Anti Fatigue Mat

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