#LiveWell: Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Bath Towels

Luxury Bath Towels

#LiveWell: Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Bath Towels

You never really appreciate the value of a plush bath towel until you’re reaching for your towel after a hot bath or shower only to discover it’s not in reach or in sight. There are few things as comforting as wrapping yourself up in a soft, warm towel when you need to dry off. And while it may seem like all bath towels are ‘much of a muchness’, this notion is far from the truth.

What makes a great bath towel?

With so many bath towels on sale, choosing a superior-quality bath towel isn’t always easy. Some of the key factors which most people associate with a premium bath towel include softness and texture, absorbency, the use of high-quality fabric and durability. There is also the issue of thread count.

High thread count

Towel loops impact how absorbent a towel is as the loops help to trap water droplets. Towels with a higher thread count therefore offer a greater number of towel loops. So, the higher the thread count, the better the absorbency.

Fabric type

There are many types of fabrics that towels can be crafted from, including microfiber towels – which are a blend of polyester and nylon – and cotton towels. 

While microfiber towels are admired for their antibacterial qualities, 100% cotton bath towels are regarded as being super ‘skin friendly’ because they are free from chemicals and incredibly breathable. This is because cotton allows air to pass through the fabric’s fibres which helps to prevent skin irritation. In addition, 100% cotton bath towels are usually favoured for their great absorbency.

GSM (grams per square metre)

The GSM of a piece of fabric helps to identify its weight and quality. Bath towels with a higher GSM are therefore considered to be of higher quality as they are notably heavier and better at absorbing moisture. The average towel varies from 300 GSM to 900 GSM. So, a bath towel that is over 500 GSM is going be thicker and more plush than lighter towels

Introducing the Linen House range – an ode to bath towel luxury

If you are looking for a bath towel that is super soft and ultra-absorbent, then take a gander at the 100% cotton bath towels from Linen House. With a fabric weight of 550 GSM, these bespoke towels are fast-drying, super absorbent and extremely soft to the touch. Plus, durability is always a guarantee when it comes to any Linen House product as the brand prides itself on quality and craftsmanship. 

Founded in 1993, Linen House has become synonymous with premium-quality, designer home textiles that are not only innovative but keep up to date with global trends. Since entering the South African market in 2005, the brand has continued to uphold its commitment to creating unique designs using the latest textile technologies to develop homeware and bed linen which exemplifies luxury.  

We stock a selection of cotton towels from Linen House, including bath towels and hand towels, in beautiful neutral tones that complement any bathroom. 
Browse our range of Linen House bath towels today.

Looking for hand towels? 

Choose between the stunning Charcoal Marle hand towel or the gorgeously muted Oatmeal hand towel

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