#LiveWell: How to Enhance Your Bedroom with Scatter Cushions

#LiveWell: How to Enhance Your Bedroom with Scatter Cushions

Looking to breathe new life into your bedroom? As the saying goes, change is as good as a holiday. The good news is you don’t have to invest large sums of money into giving your bedroom a much-needed makeover.

You might be surprised at how simple and effective it is to influence the aesthetic of a room by swapping out or introducing a few key accents that enhance the overall look and feel of the space. Scatter cushions are a great example of this. They can add decorative flair to any area of the home and can help to elevate your interior design by bringing in different textures, patterns and colours.

Keep reading to discover some exciting scatter cushion ideas and find out how you can use these decorative elements to steer your bedroom in a new direction.

Tips for using scatter cushions to decorate your bedroom

Consider your existing colour scheme

The first thing you’ll need to do when picking out the right scatter cushions or throw pillows for your bedroom is assess the existing colour palette of your room. What colours are the walls, furnishings and accessories that you currently own? Take note of the three most prominent colours as you will need to keep this in mind when selecting new scatter cushions.

Warm vs. cool tones

Is the décor of your bedroom already quite warm and vibrant? Are you looking to cool it down a touch? If so, consider introducing scatter cushions and accessories in cooler tones such as blues and certain shades of grey.

Alternatively, if your room feels quite cold, you can add warmth with warmer, inviting shades of red, orange or yellow. There are of course some colours which are versatile enough to add warmth or coolness, depending on the hue, such as purple. It’s up to you to get creative with it and see which colour combinations create an aesthetic that brings you joy!

Pattern or no pattern?

The choice is yours! If you’re nervous about having too many different patterns that clash with one another, it may be best to keep it simple and select scatter cushions in a single colour – or with a more muted or toned-down pattern. However, if you want to turn up the vibrancy and intrigue in a bedroom that currently feels a little plain, then scatter cushions with beautiful, bold patterns can do just that.

Colour contrasts

If you’re happy to veer out of the lines a bit, why not push it further and experiment with contrasting colours? To do this, you’ll want to identify the colour that is on the opposite end of the colour wheel to whatever colour is most predominant in your bedroom.

For example, if your bedroom is predominately yellow, you could look at adding purple scatter cushions to create a contrasting colour scheme. Or, if your bedroom is blue, you could look at adding pops of orange. This technique is effective when creating eye-catching statements to make the décor of a room more exciting and dynamic.

Mix and match

The wonderful thing about scatter cushions and throw pillows is that you can get creative and experiment in order to create something that is truly unique and expresses your individual style and personality. Have fun mixing and matching scatter cushions of different colours, patterns, shapes or sizes to enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom.

TIP: Remember, you have the freedom to change up the scatter cushions in your room to ensure that it never feels boring – whether it’s keeping up with seasonal trends or having the flexibility to transform your bedroom’s décor when the mood strikes.

It’s all about the texture

The texture of a scatter cushion can help you achieve different decorative effects in your bedroom. For example, velvet scatter cushions can add a sense of luxury and charm.

You can even layer different textures, combining heavier and lighter textures, to create an interior that is both cosy and sophisticated.

On the hunt for velvet scatter cushions? Check out the Linen House Toro Scatter Cushion which is made in a luxe velvet fabric. This perfectly soft, textured round cushion is sure to add luxury and elegance to any space.

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