5 Benefits of Bamboo Cotton Bedding

Linen House Elka Bamboo Cotton Silver Fitted Sheet

5 Benefits of Bamboo Bedding


Bamboo feels like silky clouds of heaven, smooth as silk, with a wonderful feel and drape, the 500 thread count bamboo/cotton sateen weave duvet cover is perfect for those who appreciate true luxury!

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Bamboo Cotton has the highest properties of being hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, which is perfect for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers. More and more parents are using bamboo for their children’s bedding.

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Bamboo is highly durable due to the strength of the bamboo fibres used to make this linen. Bamboo Cotton linen keeps its comfort and look over time even with intense washing at high temperatures.

Linen House Elka Bamboo Cotton Silver Fitted Sheet


Bamboo possesses high breathability thanks to its organic fibers. The breathability found in bamboo sheets ensure that your body heat will not be trapped in the bedding.

Environmentally Friendly

The bamboo tree is one of the fastest growing trees on the planet. Manufacturing the sheets poses no substantial environmental threat as their sources are easily renewable.

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