Thread Count Myths Busted

Thread Count Myths Busted

What You Should Know About High Thread Counts

Thread count. All too often, we’re asked about them.

Is it a true indicator of superior quality?

Will those bargain-basement 1000 thread sheets promise unparalleled luxury, the kind that’s usually reserved for boutique hotels?

thread count

Unravelling the thread truth.

The truth is – only sometimes.

And unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

A true indicator of quality lies in the yarn itself and not how many threads fit into one square inch of fabric (nor that discount brand screaming through a megaphone about it).

Long staple yarns, like Egyptian cotton, will result in a softer, more durable fabric at a lower thread count.

Also, the way a cloth is woven may result in a higher thread count, but it’s not necessarily what you’d want to sleep in, night after night (sweaty sleepers, we’re talking to you).

High thread count cotton offers a beautiful lustre, but the greater count can be comparatively dense if multiple twist yarns are used.

So ummm – what on earth does that all mean?

Well, greater thread counts can make a sheet feel rather heavy for someone living in a balmy climate or those of us who prefer lightweight coverage.

Quality fabrics worth the humble-brag.

Looking for a soft, smooth handle?

Cotton sateen threads are woven closely together on top of the fabric, giving it a characteristically luxe appearance.

For a cool, crisp feel against your skin, cotton percale is your winner.

This fabric has a plain weave that breathes. The thread count of a true percale product is between 225 to 400 single threads (per 10 square centimetres).

Thread count chit-chat is even less relevant when we start to talk about fibres, such as pure linen or bamboo, which happen to be the most popular and purchased Linen House threads.

Pure linen is much-admired for its drape and distinctively rustic appearance. It’s usually treated with a special garment-washing process for added softness.

Combined, bamboo and cotton are a Linen House best-seller and celebrated for feeling remarkably soft, fast to launder and kind to allergy sufferers (as well as the environment).

Polyester and cotton blends provide a durable, less expensive and easycare product, which is incredibly handy for holiday homeowners and those of us who can’t deal with the sight of an iron.

That’s everyone in the world, right?

In conclusion, there isn’t a single answer to the thread count myth because hooray – that’s the gift of choice and information.

If you’re looking to shop smarter for the perfect sheet sets, just refer to the above to guide you.

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