How to Choose the Best Office Desk for your Work Space

How to Choose the Best Office Desk for your Work Space
You don’t pay a lot of attention to your office desk. Chairs, yes, because after we’ve sat on the wrong ones for a while, our backsides begin to protest. Sometimes our backs hurt as well, which is why we spend so much on memory foam and lumbar support. At the other end, sinking into a comfy armchair can feel like curling up in a piece of heaven. Even in your home, your sofa gets more emphasis that your dining table, so that’s an indication of the furniture pecking order. But just because we’re not consciously thinking about desks doesn’t mean they’re unimportant. In practical terms, any flat surface will do, so staff members aren’t too focused on the kind of desk they have. But for office visitors and partners, desks make a bigger impact. They show potential clients how you view yourself as an organisation, and they make a massive impression. Aside from their visual appeal, a badly made desk could collapse in use, potentially damaging thousands of rands’ worth of equipment. That’s why your choice of business is a key decider in the type of desk you buy. A blacksmith won’t use the same kind of table as a jewellery artisan, even if they both work on metal. And of course, a fashion magazine won’t have the same desk design as a publisher, lawyer, or accounting firm. What else comes into play? How can you choose the perfect office desk?

Think About Your Office Desk Layout

If you have an open-plan office, you could install long, bench-style desks that employees tuck their seats into. Modular desks can be helpful in this scenario as well because when your staff numbers expand or decrease, you can disassemble the unused segments (or tack on new sections) to create more space. We offer modular desks for corner positioning (or just to create L-shaped workstations. If you want a bit of a curve, try the rounded edges of Flowline or Waves. All our modular desks have Pedestals that are added to the desk, either attached or mobile.  As a side note, all our L-shaped desks can be arrayed in a straight line to make the kind of multi-seater ‘bench’ we mentioned earlier. You can then use dividers to offer some privacy to individual staff. On the other hand, if your job involves different types of tasks, you might want a distinct section for each.

Functional Factors

Reception desks have a distinct style for three reasons. One, it’s the first thing people see when they walk into the office, so it will influence what they think of you. This justifies spending a little extra on it since the bulk of office visitors never get past that desk, and you don’t want them thinking your organisation is shabby. Two, getting a well-designed office desk can cut your office partitioning costs. A receptionist’s desk can serve as their very own cubicle. Case in point, we currently have two reception desks in stock: They all include an ensconced portion to shield off your receptionist and lots of storage drawers and shelves to keep relevant documents and office paraphernalia. So if you don’t have a separate room for your reception, you can tuck them towards the front of the open office hall and it still serves as a distinct service area. Finally, you could pick your desks based on personal quirks. But even with a standing desk, there may be times when your feet need a break. The solution here is adjustable height, sometimes described as sit-to-stand desks. They’ll have a button or lever you can press to change the level of your desktop. These desks come in handy for differently-abled workers. If you have a colleague that’s significantly above or below average height, these desks make a great performance-based reward… To find the right desk for your office, call All Office today on (021) 440 7700.

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