What to Consider When Buying New Office Furniture for Your Office

What to Consider When Buying New Office Furniture for Your Office

Whether you’re about to furnish your brand new office premises or are looking to revive your existing office space, new office furniture can make a huge difference. There are many things to consider when buying new office furniture, from the practicality and comfort of your selection to their style and appearance. Here’s a guide on how to weigh up your choices when buying office furniture.

  • Appearance

    Appearance may sound like a superficial factor to consider, but when it comes to office furniture, appearance should not be ignored. The furniture in the office creates much of the greater appearance of the space, which can influence employees and visiting customers alike.If you are designing your office space to reflect your brand identity, your furniture should be carefully selected to match this image. Different styles of furniture can communicate different themes. For example, dark rich timber furniture exudes sophistication, professionalism, and traditional business ethics, whereas contemporary furniture in bright colours may suggest modernism, innovation and a fresh business approach.

    The combinations of colours, textures, shapes, and materials in your office furniture can also influence the mood and motivation of your employees. Therefore, your office furniture should also be chosen according to how it may impact productivity and happiness in the office.

  • Comfort and Accessibility

    While appearance is important, office furniture should never compromise more practical features for a good image. Comfort is absolutely essential in the office, as employees are sitting and using the furniture all day every week. Ergonomic desks and chairs are worth considering as they provide excellent support for employees. Look for office chairs that offer sturdy backrests and armrests, well-padded upholstery, swivel and wheel features, and adjustable options. Desks and tables should offer ample surface space, storage capabilities, and spacious legroom underneath.

  • Quality and Durability

    It should go without saying that office furniture should be of high quality. This is especially true for larger offices, where replacing faulty furniture frequently can lead to extensive expenses. It is always more beneficial to invest in good quality furniture that will last longer without the constant need for maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

    Good quality materials for office furniture can include hardwood such as oak, teak, or mahogany, or synthetic materials like PVC. Metal shelving or filing cabinets can support greater weights than most other materials. Furniture that incorporates metal or blended synthetic materials often offers sturdier structural support. Desks with glass tops, for example, may look elegant and stylish, but glass is easily scratched, does not support large weights, and could crack or shatter. Likewise, seating upholstered in designer fabric may wear down, fade or fray faster than a durable quality upholstered chair. High-quality office furniture will last longer, provide better support, and improve the work experience of your employees.

  • Affordability

    The desire for quality office furniture is all very well, but there is no point if it is unattainable on your available budget. While new office furniture expenditure should be prioritised, every company will have its financial limits. As mentioned earlier, new office furniture should be an investment, but it is still possible to find good quality office furniture at a price point that is affordable and saves the company money.

Find the Furniture that is Right for your Office

Armed with these four considerations, you are now ready to shop for your new office furniture! There are many different styles and options available to choose from. It helps to have a pre-planned list of specifications features that you want, to avoid being overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities. Your ideal office furniture may take a bit of time to find, but it pays to know what you want and need in order to benefit fully from it. Good quality furniture that is practical and attractive will manifest their benefits every day in the office. We offer top of the range, affordable office furniture to meet your needs. We also offer a 3-day Appro service to ensure you are completely satisfied with your office furniture.  For more information about how we can assist you with new office furniture for your office, contact All Office today.

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