Choosing the Best Table for Your Office

Office Table for your Workspace

Choosing the Best Office Table For Your Office Space

Are you growing tired of your current office table? Perhaps you’re finding it cramped for space, without drawers or shelves or just that extra bit of surface space for all your essentials. Maybe your table is shared or pushed against a co-worker’s and the elbow bumping is getting to you. Whatever your reasons, a new desk can bring new life to an office, and not just aesthetically. A well-designed modern office table can improve functionality, productivity and office morale.

When looking for the perfect desk for your office, there are a few things to consider. Two important factors are the environment the desk will be in, and the purpose it will serve in that environment. A large, stately desk that suits the executive corner office will naturally be out of place and less effective in a small cubicle or a shared work area. Each department will have different requirements for their desks. For example, a desk in an IT department will likely need more features that accommodate cable management and additional electrical and digital devices, while a creative or planning department may need office tables with plenty of space to work on large projects and storage for more stationary and creative tools. The type of tasks that an office needs to perform will determine which desk is better suited to the people performing the tasks.

Executive and Managerial Office Tables

A manager or other executive member of staff will have their own office, and will likely host important clients and business associates in that space. The type of office furniture in such a workspace should, therefore, be chosen to carefully reflect the formality of the space and the company’s professionalism and success. Executive office desks are often larger than other office desks and made from a quality material such as wood veneer that creates a timeless and affluent atmosphere.

A truly impressive executive office will extend these values into the rest of the furniture and features, not just the desk. The Signature range creates harmony and tasteful design with matching work surfaces, tables and wall units. For that distinct timber appearance, the modern Legacy office range or the veneered Imageline managerial office desk are also excellent choices.

Shared Office Table systems

Although the days of cubicles and workspaces packed like sardines in a tin are mostly behind us, there are still plenty of office spaces that accommodate multiple work stations in a single large area. Many departments rely on teamwork and communication between workers, and even when they don’t, a shared office space lends itself to better office dynamics, a higher sense of community and comradery, and of course better utilisation of space.

As such, modern office desking solutions are designed to merge well into environments like these. Simply packing large rectangular single-occupant desks into offices can create awkward and cramped spaces, so modern desking systems often feature curved lines and divisions that allow multiple workers to use the desk with enough space for comfort and privacy. These desks are designed to be able to be arranged economically to maximise space.

The Trio office desk is a perfect example of a shared desk that saves space in the office while still providing enough desk space for each worker. It is divided into three separate work surfaces with screens and creates an atmosphere of openness, ideal for small teams. Flexiline and Simplicity are both modern desk systems that allow you to design your own workspace with versatile layout options, which is especially beneficial in open-plan offices.

Modular Office Tables

Modular tables are the ultimate desking solution when flexibility and adaptability are key concerns. The innovative new designs feature individual desk components that can be arranged in a variety of positions to suit different spaces and tasks. The result is a seamless work surface that fits almost any office. Typical styles include two table surfaces that can form one long or a square surface or an L-shaped surface, as well as a cabinet or built-in drawers, and a shelving unit, all cohesive and interchangeable with one another. The adaptability of modular desking solutions such as Flowline and Elegance are ideal for large shared office spaces and smaller individual offices alike.

Ergonomic Office Tables

Comfort and physical well-being should also be key factors when selecting an office desk. The Envelope desk is ergonomic and promotes physical health while sitting through its flexible support surface and height adjustability. Sit-to-stand desks like Ergowork and Elevate are also beneficial to physical health as workers can alternate between sitting and standing for better posture and circulation. Why not speak to All Office and explore our range of first-class office desks?

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